Monday, November 8, 2010

60 million, 90 million--why not a couple hundred million shares??

How about the action in LVS. After earnings, the stock traded up to mid 46, and then down to mid 43--and it did that on 60 million shares. Oh My! The shorts were desperately trying to get this number down. Then Friday, it hit a high of 55, only to pull back this morning to the low 50--as the same jokers wanted the chart to say sell, so they would hope somebody would!

Both times, you needed to buy the pullback--It is no different here. And who cares if it trades 60 million, 90 million, or even 200 million shares?? The shares traded don't matter until the stock gets expensive!!

And since the shortsellers in LVS are still playing their games, it means this number has to go higher!!

Speculators and gamblers gamble!

The reliquification of the worldwide markets, and the squeeze going on in the precious metals, doesn't mean the action in the casinos is going to Wall Street; it just means Wall Streters will gamble more at the casinos.

Because what happens in Vegas, and Singapore and Macau stays in Vegas, Singapore and Macau!!

Including their money!!

Booyahhh baby!!!

Bet with the Bookie!!!

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