Monday, August 2, 2010

Where's the black tape?

The black tape is on the floor!

And that's this market.

When it goes down, the bears talk as though the world will collapse.  When it goes up, the world collapses around the shorts positions.

All because they can't read the tape!!

Even though they are sitting on the linoleum floor.

Drinking cheap scotch!!

As advertised!!!


Anonymous said...

I will take Oh My fellow, over Drinking Cheap Scotch fellow. Anyday!

Anonymous said...

Oh My!! nice pic, and some good calls the last few days

Palmoni said...

throw enough at the wall and some of it will stick!!



Anonymous said...

where do you see us extending to?

Anonymous said...

be careful, another pullback and you are going to be missing in action again. Reading the tape? you gotta be kidding me with all the wrong calls you made just recently...