Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Now we know why Obama needed a vacation

It was all the weighty issues at the White House!!

Even  Obama's vacation is fair game for Letterman!


Anonymous said...

FBP chooo! chooo! get some at least a triple bagger

Settembrini said...

Palomoni--good find on the 1992 quote from Time magazine below. Do you know anything about this Charles Nenner guy?--He's being promoted on CNBC and he says we will go to DOW 5,000 because of sunspots.

Nenner believes that Sunspots effect the generation of electromagnetic fields on earth, these in turn, effect the behavior of people who effect the Stock Market.

and I was studying ocean wave patterns

Palmoni said...

Well I think you can "find" a stock tip anywhere--so my answer to sunspots etc. was

I don't buy into that--but my brother is a quantum physicist so I really don't buy into the butterfly effect on stocks

Anonymous said...

Don't care who your bro is, because we're crashing again tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Unlike the poster above, i do care.


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