Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Anyone buy this morning's dip?

When a market sell-off is over you have action like you had the last couple of days. The market rallied strongly on Tuesday, only for the bears to sell it down at the close--because they said it was just a "Potash" rallly.  At least that's the fertilizer they spread.

Then today, the market sells off this morning, and like clockwork the trolls tout it down blah blah blah. And like clockwork, I give you the right call--to buy the selloff blah blah blah!!

Double dip? That's just a hollow argument from the cowardly bears.

Because they already have their tail between their legs, just like "Mauricio" did in "Shallow Hal!"

As the market now confirms that the sell-off is over.

And Government bonds?



Anonymous said...

selling govt bonds just for the short term?

Anonymous said...

any thoughts on AXL?

whydibuy said...

Div paying stocks are one heck of a good deal.

With the 10 yr at 2.5%, there are utilities and MLPs paying 5-6-7% with the prospect of modest yearly increases of 3-4-5%.
Yet, almost every person I talk to won't touch 'em. They gripe about getting sub 1% in a cd but won't buy these high paying bargins just sitting there for the taking.

Its really quite a phenomenon. Guys I golf with are fully in bonds or CDs @ 1% yet won't consider anything in the market.
Because its going to crash a week from Tuesday.

I hear even Tony Robbins ( yes, that Tony Robbins ) is giving lectures on how to protect yourself from the coming market crash.

In a word, Buy.

Anonymous said...

yea, bears have their tails or whatever cause we are at 1100. Wait, thats actually down from 1220. But, but, but, Palmoni said bears have their tails... Nope, still down from 1220 to 1100.

Anonymous said...

Whydidi buy...what util and MLPS can you recommend?

Anonymous said...

Whining troll--Didn't you buy at 666?