Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Snooki is so toxic that designers are sending her competitor's bags!

So there still are a few folk on the floor of the NYSE that think "Jersey Shore" is worthwhile news; but the designer bag folk already think Snooki is a bag lady!

They are sending her their competitor's bags!

Allegedly, the anxious folks at these various luxury houses are all aggressively gifting our gal Snookums with free bags. No surprise, right? But here's the shocker: They are not sending her their own bags. They are sending her each other's bags! Competitors' bags!

Call it what you will — "preemptive product placement"? "unbranding"? — either way, it's brilliant, and it makes total sense. As much as one might adore Miss Snickerdoodle, her ability to inspire dress-alikes among her fans is questionable. The bottom line? Nobody in fashion wants to co-brand with Snooki.

So what does that say for Dell?

Judging by the chart, it means that the Snooki news on DELL is already discounted in the stock price!

And DELL is planning on using their cash, to make their PC business a bit more exciting.

And DELL has something else in its favor. Mike Hurd isn't working in Texas!


Anonymous said...

you think this stock will finally catch a break? did you pick some up?

Palmoni said...

yeh it sold off a little in the afterhours so I think tomorrow morning will be a good buy

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