Monday, August 2, 2010

European banks scream

So how about over here?  Don't the banks in Europe have all the exposure?

The banks in Japan bounced, ostensibly because of the bounce in Europe, but Japan banks are only 13.5X earnings, and since Europe bounced, and since Japan bounced, then the best and two easiest plays in big cap bank stocks over here are Wells Fargo and Bank of America, which I advertised on it's double implant booty bottom.

Wells has great spreads, and now the traders will gravitate to these names.  And then, Wall Street will say that the rally in the banks, confirm the rally in the stock market.

After the fact that is!!!

When they should check out the bottoms in these names now!


Anonymous said...

MGOL at .13

Anonymous said...

what's your target for BAC?

Anonymous said...

is it too late to buy into BAC today with the huge rally going on? am i being sucker in? really looking to pick some up since your last tout on BAC but haven't grown the balls.

Anonymous said...

We are in a bull market after all, so listen to Palmoni and grown some balls ok, gayguy?

Anonymous said...

BAC? double bottom? It is still only 50 cents away from that bottom, it is not like it had any meaningfull rally after your "double bottom" or whatever you call it. WFC? Are you sure? You wanted to say X, right?