Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Anonymous said...

so the correction is over Palmoni? This time for suuuuuure, right?

Palmoni said...

maybe--if not, I lose on some bets-its not the end of the world--and if the end of the world comes, hopefully I'll do just fine, because then I didn't bet

but so what--unless we are heading into a lost decade, the stuff I have will do fine..in the meantime, there is all sort of action available

maybe you don't want to see it--maybe your only contribution is your correction talk

hey--it's the internet free expression--do what you want

and maybe you miss the point..people are remaking themselves, they are remaking their lives, and they are trying to better the circumstances that they are in maybe that's why I get on the prophets of gloom and those who are forever bearish they act as though the world are sheep that will be led by only the song they sing

anyway hopefully some of that will be reflected in the primaries and the election in November maybe or maybe not that will help

but that doesn't matter the stock market, to me is a fun distraction--a really fun one, and for the most part of the last 30 years it's also been a good one and a profitable one making money is fun, losing isn't but that comes with the territory

and really I use a lot of options-my risk is limited my upside is always greater than my risk

the market is just thoughtful bets with much better odds than football and much better odds than a casino

so if I'm wrong--well so be it that's it--it's just a bet its not the end of the world

it's just a wrong call it doesn't change my life or change my circumstances

and if you're in the market--well you need to think for yourself--I don't care what others are doing or what they think--if I make a mistake at least I'll only have myself to blame

it won't be a prevoius administration, it won't be TPTB , or it won't be where I got screwed trading that stuff happens that's the game we are in and I understand the rules

bad trades are bad trades they're not anything more than that

so is it over? maybe maybe not but I like the odds here what's the worst that could happen?

just a bad trade!

Anonymous said...

i like when you talk sensibly... but bears ripped you a new today anyway he-he

Palmoni said...

the bears were "right" today...that is if you believe the prices they were selling at were "right"

just like those who sold PAR at 10!