Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rosie's puff piece interview with the WSJ

OK bears--I know you are desperate to hold on to something--so here's your prophet--David Rosenberg.

We need some bears to let the bulls make some money!

21:30 minutes into it, he talks about the 50% rally in 1930. And then he says we are now back in a bear market. Wait--when did he get bullish? Or when did the bull market begin?  Whoops!!!!

And he's still bullish on Government bonds??

But the Dow will be at 9,000 in a  year, and the ten year at 2%.

Thin gruel bears!!


Anonymous said...

you're on fire!!!! keep them coming!!!

Settembrini said...

From the get go this guy mentions that growth in the last 4 Q's was due partly to 'policy stimulus' --so he's saying we need more stimulus $?

Priceline, Nike,, Skechers, UPS, profits were up--so what did their profits have to do with stimulus money?

If only we all listened to Rosenburg last year we would have been very happy since Gold would be 2,600 by now....in our dreams.

Anonymous said...

Palmoni nice work today

Anonymous said...

P: Your thoughts on nat gas? Also, any touts in the E&G sector. Thanks!