Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tech needs to be bought

And speaking of cheap tech stocks--HPQ reports on the 19th. Does anybody really think that they'll miss numbers now that Hurd was let go?

They'll do just fine without him!

And I suppose you guys thought that Shatner only hawked Priceline!!

But the rule on tech has alweays been to sell Chambers exuberance and buy his gaurded optimism!

Because he has always been Pollyanna!

Because I'm sure that the next thing we'll find out is that BO will take a page out of the 70s!


Settembrini said...

But Robert Prechter says DOW 1,000 coming! 1,000? Yes, 1,000. That means, you will be able to buy Coke for around $5.00, 3M for about $8, and Microsoft for about $2.50. Wow! now, that's a low price

hey, right now i'm thinkin TC--what you think?

Settembrini said...

TC is not tech but looks good.

For tech what about MU and STX? and yes HPQ too

CSCO will be day