Thursday, August 12, 2010

El-Erian's predictions are a train wreck

So you had Prechter tout 1,000, and PIMCO's El-Erian said that there was a 25% chance that we are heading into a deflationary car wreck. You had Rosie tell us we were back in 1930.

What else do you need to tell you to buy here???

Yesterday you  had the Panda Bear, and now today, El-Erian speaks.

His predictions on stocks have been the market's black swan!

Buy em!!!


Anonymous said...

What else do you need to tell you to buy here???
we need you to come out and still pretend like you know market better after 40 point SP ass whooping... and please tell us how wrong they are and that the correction is over... AGAIN and that you touted the stocks at their lows. Hows HPQ working out for ya? from 48 to 40? yea, right, time to "school" bears again. Keep your pants up, bears are gonna reap you another one... AGAIN

Anonymous said...

He bought HPQ at 41.85, learn how to read a chart retard. You have been bearish since 666 and losing money by the truckload, it's embarrassing.