Saturday, February 7, 2009

What does Wall Street have in common with Gotham?

You should all know the answer to that. With apologies to Adam West, it's Christian Bale!

First he was arrested on suspicion of assault for beating up his mother, and his girlfriend.

And then he went absolutely nuts in a profanity laced attack against the photography director, Shane Hurlbut who accidentaly walked in his "sightline" on the set of the movie "Terminator Salvation." It's absolutely crazily graphic. (Now bear in mind, this happened in July.)

Now this week, the MP3 file, was leaked to the internet. And after the world heard it, "Batman" decided to apologize:

On Friday morning, Bale surprised both his own publicist and Warner Bros., the studio behind both "Terminator Salvation" and the " Batman" franchise (which stars Bale as the Caped Crusader), and called into FM radio station KROQ with a mea culpa. "I was out of order beyond belief," a contrite Bale told KROQ disc jockeys Kevin Ryder and Gene "Bean" Baxter. "I acted like a punk. There is nobody who heard the tape who is hit harder than me. I make no excuses for it. It is inexcusable.",0,1623588.story

Apparently, no apologize was needed, until his tirade hit the Internet. Why would Bale apologize? The Dark Knight brought in over a half a billion at the box office!

The head guy on Wall Street, Treasury Secretary Geithner pulled the same stunt with his taxes. Once he wanted the job, he paid it, and then he said it was inexcusable!

Monday Geithner's script is to cure the ills of the banking system. But these toxic assets are like the shark on Batman's leg. The prices are just as phony, but they're just hard to get rid of! Maybe Geithner will use "tax spray" to get rid of the assets. (Jumping the shark starts at 2:27)

Hollywood and Wall Street.

Reel life, and real life.

Bale and bail.

No wonder the media love Geithner. Even if this bailout is "jumping the shark!"

As long as he brings in the money, he's one of their own!

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