Friday, February 20, 2009

You know stocks are getting cheap when..

1)-The Sunday paper costs more than New York Times stock
2)-The Citi ATM fee costs more than Citi stock
3)-The paper that a mortgage is written on costs more than Freddie Mac stock
4)-A subscription to Sirius Satellite radio would cost more than Sirius stock
5)-A gallon of gas costs more than Ford stock
6)-One ride costs more than Six Flags stock
7)-A bottle of soda costs more than Jones Soda stock
8)-A 5 minute long distance phone call costs more than Vonage stock
9)-A 5 stick pack of gum costs more than Rite-Aid stock
10)-The strawberries in a smoothie cost more than Jamba Juice

Now my headline isn't what CNBC said. Their headline was "10 reasons the market is in trouble."

My headline was different, because at current prices, I could make a case that everyone of these stocks are now worth a shot!

And with the selling capitulation that hit BAC at $2.53 and Wells Fargo at $8.81 today, even these numbers can bounce.

For a bit.

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