Monday, February 16, 2009

G-7 wants Geithner to rush bank bailout

There seems to be such a pervasive bubble blowing around Geithner's intellect. He's now going to fix the banks and the auto industry:

Feb. 16 (Bloomberg) -- Finance chiefs from the Group of Seven nations joined the chorus of U.S. investors and lawmakers pushing Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner to move faster to fix the banking system.

Stung by domestic criticism for failing to provide details last week on just how he plans to clean up banks’ toxic assets and revive lending, Geithner was told by foreign policy makers at weekend talks in Rome that speed was of the essence.

Geithner's response?

"We are going to move quickly to lay out a broad design."

Remember when Eli Broad, was going to give his art away, and then not, and then he was going to have a "Broad design" for a new Museum in LA that will hold his contemporary art collection?

One of the pieces will be "Bubbles."

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