Monday, February 9, 2009

The pound is now at 1.5 against the dollar

Remember when it was at 1.37 and the whole world thought Britain was going bankrupt?

I highlighted that story and said:

The play on this headline? I would also take a look at the pound, which looks like it made a key reversal against the dollar today, and at $1.37, is worth a look.

None of these Central Bankers do anything in a vacuum.

So you had the bottom in the pound, and the reversal of the dollar against the Euro at 1.47, advertised here.

Thrown in with the exact top in bonds!

As advertised!

If I worked for a bank, I'd be putting my hand out for a bonus, with these "macro" calls.

And if I was a banker writing this blog, I'd be asking for clicks!

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