Sunday, February 1, 2009

Daschle tells stories to his accountant

Tom Daschle received a wire in May last year for his monthly advisor (not lobbying tab-notice the semantic difference) fee of $83,333 but this wire was missing from Tom's 1099 for 2007.

Daschle's accountant asked him what happened to that money. Daschle, using his background in politics, came up with a fairly good sounding lie. He said that the private equity firm, gave him his January 2007 monthly check in December, and that the 1099 which should of showed $1 million in income, instead was shy by $83,333, or by the amount of the missing month of income that Daschle got for "advising" the firm.

No word why his accountant then didn't correct his 2006 taxes because of this overpayment.

But why would you make an adjustment for a lie anyways?

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