Monday, May 4, 2009

Speculation corner!

Maybe you missed my tout of NCOC at $1.1, or PCX at $3, and now the coal rally is making you cringe. After all, you may have missed the double and triple that I advertised--It only took all of six weeks!

So how about another double and triple but this time in six days?

Look at Consolidated Energy (CNX 37.70) and the June 45 callls at $1.20!

It broke out today from six months of congestion.

And when I advertise a double and a triple, I'm using slot machine math.

You end up with 7!

And I know you hedge funds like paired trades, except you guys normally lose on both ends, so what's the $1.20 pair trade with this number? Didn't I tout GOOG to 440?

Then aren't the May 430 calls a buy at $1.20?

That's my high octane pairs trade for those that need juice, and they need it now.

Just stick a Greek letter on it, and then you'll be able to stick it on your sheets!

It's the anti-CAPM model of making money!

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