Thursday, May 21, 2009

Macke's rant


Anonymous said...

that was pretty funny...what's your take on jeff?

Anonymous said...

why is the market getting slammed...any suggestions on buys?

Anonymous said...

how many lines did macke do ?

Palmoni said...

He hit his head a couple weeks back and had some stiches..I wonder if he had a bad cocktail mixed with some lines!

Bonds-QE isn't working, and Central Banks are hitting Bernanke's bids-couple that with the UK outlook, and we have a wiff of panic.

I would of thought most bulls are getting away this weekend. The bears are the ones suffering, so I think they tried to hit things but we had a nice invisible hand coming in at the close again to give support.

I bought a little MGM and some RF in the pre-market puke but otherwise I didn't do much

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