Sunday, May 31, 2009

My daughter, the "designer"

I was in Orlando last weekend, and, early on Saturday night, I took a wrong turn in the pouring rain, and I ended up at Amway Arena, where I met some of the street "ticket brokers" who hustled me some Magic tickets, for Sunday's game. I should of guessed by the number of cars on the off night, that the market was saying the Magic would take the series from the Cavs!

So much for the Kobe-Lebron matchup!

But my daughter always likes to wear something new, whenever she goes someplace "special." So with a little help from Mommy, and some influence from here, she came up with the above outfit from the decade old ties bin in Daddy's closet.

A new outfit, from old clothes!

I suppose I should of forewarned her, that because of the current state of the economy, that creativity was supposed to be stifled, and that it wasn't permissible to enjoy life, and that the only things that would happen in the economy and in sports, were those things pre-ordained by the pundits and the press.

And that's the difference between sports and the stock market. In the stock market, pundits think their opinion matters more than results. In sports, we have different rules.

Those bearish should heed the sports pages.

The Magic is in, and the Cavs are out.

It's time for the bears to rid a different horse.

This stock market beast has a lot of magic left!

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