Thursday, May 7, 2009

Financials to Scream!!!

Finally, some heat on the bears!

And look at these stocks rock! These were the stocks that were supposed to be donuts! Zeros! Nationalized!

This was their best bet!

Now think about this. If these gallery of buffoons, led by Meredith Whitney, were this wrong on the banks stock prices, what will happen to those other bears that have been prognosticating doom, that weren't as "smart" as these geniuses!

Where do you think then, stock prices are going?

Where are bank stocks going?

And if this was the most "toxic" part of the economy, what will happen to those that were less toxic?

Yesterday, the shorts did a massive late afternoon short on all these numbers. They let me in on some more calls!

Who they gonna call now?

Now I know some people hated my stories on Meredith Whitney.

Why do you think I repost them?

But I'm on more than a few brokers speed dial lists who find them funny, because they and their clients are making soo much money, at the bears expense!

And at least these folks, are spenders! Is that in the bears algorithms?

Pretty soon, the DABA girls won't be behind bars, but back in them!

It's the anti Meredith Whitney economy! She's going to have to wrestle with her calls, instead of with JBL!

I told her that she needed a pick.

Now she's just left with ice!

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