Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brown shoots and the double dip crowd

So much for the market meltdown that supposedly was going to occur!

So much for all the shorting in the insurance stocks--now they are going to be getting TARP money. I'll probably even get a chance to advertise my FAS trade this morning in a couple of days!

And what is with the "brown" shoots and the "double-dip"crowd?

We haven't even yet gotten out of the recession-so how is it possible that we are at an inflection/inflexion point in the economy or the stock market?

The economy is still in the "less worse" stage, while the bears are getting deeper in the "less worth" stage.

And that's why they cry and complain about "brown shoots" and "double dips." They use that terminology, because you can't find many fools, like the guy on CNBC this afternoon, who said we were going back to 666. These bears so desperately want a pullback, that they are already on their knees. It just makes it easier for the bulls to kick them in their teeth!

But more and more, less and less people are buying the story of a re-test of the lows. So they confuse the issue, with brown shoots, Venus fly traps, angler fish, and now the oh so scary double dip!

And since these bears, didn't understand who Dumb and Dumber were, maybe I'll help them with a little explanation.

Do you want to know what chance we have of retesting the lows? It's the same odds Lloyd Christmas was given.

And didn't we already find out that the bears had already marked the bowls on Wall Street?

And didn't the bears think they could knock off the "Government owl?"

Just like Lloyd and Harry. They popped champagne corks and knocked down the "Snow Owl" at the Aspen ball.

The market owl, though fought back.

Because Snowy Owls feed on lemmings!


Anonymous said...

you are a fool if you think there is no chance we go to 666 again. Of course, there is a chance. There is always a chance. Did you think we would go to 666 when we were at 1400?

Palmoni said...

I said there is a chance.

Watch the video!