Friday, May 8, 2009

The belly of the beast

The shorts are trapped in the belly of the stock market beast!

It's Wall Street's version of the Bates Hotel!

The results of the stress test are in, and it had as much teeth as baseball's steroid policy! And speaking of steroid policy, it's nice that ABC doesn't test any of their anchors for growth hormone isn't it? After all, isn't a side effect of injecting HGH too close to the umbilicus an extended belly button?

Today we'll get a tame unemployment number, and we'll have the first influx of the census worker hires.

And then, in three weeks, we'll have Goldman Sachs telling us that the decline in continuing claims, now projects, with a 90% confidence, that the recession has ended.

The shorts are already on edge, but Wall Street needs to make them psycho!

After all, don't we see who's swimming naked when the tide goes out?

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