Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Coal train express! Or 400% in 3 days-twice!!

Remember this post Saturday morning? All of three trading days ago?

Look at the action in Alpha Natural Resources (ANR 23.37) which broke out with a vengenance. That stock is ready to ramp, and there was great action in the June 30 calls at .80 cents. A couple thousand of those were bought, as the boys are getting ready to juice this name.

ANR closed today at 30, and the June 30 calls closed at $3.90 up 400%!

Did you catch the second part of the same post Saturday morning?

GMX Resources (GMXR 12.26) has been on fire the past few days, not even giving anyone a dip to get in. Who wants the dip anyway? It's another name with a tight float, and too many shorts all over it. And who is going to short it before earnings next Thursday? You get a free pass! If you're a hedge fund, you take the May 12.5's at .90 cents, and then goose the stock. They are the leveraged play on the Haynesville, and every quant in the country is blowing up shorting those plays that are leveraged. So why would it be any different here?

GMXR closed today at 17. The May 12.5 calls closed at $4.40 up 400%.

Who says history doesn't repeat itself?

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