Friday, May 8, 2009

Another 300%!!! As advertised--again!!!!

In one day!! I said this yesterday:

Wells is going to raise $6 billion in a stock offering, priced between $20.5 and $22 Friday morning. This is actually bullish news.You should be able to buy the May 25 call options for nothing tomorrow morning.That's you leveraged play on the Wells Fargo capital raise.There's still easy money to be made!

The stock opened just under 24, and I picked up the May 25 calls at .90. They're gone at the close--3.30!!!

As advertised!

Wasn't that easy??

And while I'm advertising, I said in yesterday's post Another 300% play-As advertised:

TEN closed at 7 today! As advertised! And LEA, now at 1.92, up 80% from 1.10 is now ready to make an outsized move that I'll be able to advertise next!

LEA was gone today at $3.30. Another 300%!

Two scripts, two advertisements, and two 300% plays!

As advertised!!!


Anonymous said...

so did you dump LEA or are you holding?

what's in store for next week?

Anonymous said...

How come they waste their time at 0hedge when the money is being made here. 0-]

Anonymous said...

found your blog. what an awesome site. Can't wait for more picks and comments.

Anonymous said...

You are on a roll. I still don't want to believe the rally but your calls have been FABULOUS!!! Wish I had listened to two of them last week. You must be up like 300% for the year :)

Anonymous said...

so what are the picks for monday

palmoni said...

I dumped LEA at 3.30--It had such a tremendous rally.

Up 397% YTD!

Have all kinds of action for Monday--but celebrated a little too much tonite to be cerebral!

Anonymous said...

so you think stocks like faz and srs are doomed ?

i've been bleeding a lot and i wish i caught your blog earlier... you think i should cash out of those for whatever it's still worth?

palmoni said...

You are better of with URE-they are recapitalizing the companies with stock offerings to pay back the banks, and buy back debt cheaper.

I think the smaller bank stocks will stampede. Unfortunately, many people are going to get hurt by the stories that the prophets of gloom and doom spread.

And I'm not in the L or U shaped recession camp, or the deflation camp.

That's just wrong. The economy is going to boom, and we can have 4% GDP growth in Q3. Oil despite the cutbacks in use around the world, is heading to the mid 70's--how is that going to affect the deflastionistas who said we would have $30 oil?

Get the macro call on the economy right, and the stocks will take care of themselves.

The same folks that were talking about a depression, will next be talking about currency debasement.

Why else is Obama squeezing the money that corporations have overseas?

Anonymous said...

thanks...what are your small bank picks besides the three mentioned?

do you think RF is good? KEY didn't really move friday...but hban and fifth thrid did...are they still buys at their current price?

thanks for always replying!

Palmoni said...

Possible merger news on KEY

Potential combinations being touted include a merger between Banc Corp and KeyCorp, which has a $1.8bn hole, or a takeover of Regions, which needs $2.5bn in capital, by PNC.

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