Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Look at the sellers spotted on Wall Street!


Anonymous said...

keep smoking those green shoots, buddy!

Anonymous said...

Oh oh. A direct and childish character attack on the bears. Could be this be the sign of an inflection point?

Palmoni said...

Oh oh. A diret and chilish attack by those bearish, enamored by a one day markdown in the stock market, caused by their own hands.

It looks like I got dumb and dumber to comment on the picture.

As advertised!!!!

Anonymous said...

There there Palmoni. Settle down, no need to whine. I'm actually long in all my positions, but obviously you feel threatened by anyone questioning your viewpoint.

Anonymous said...

Hope you get out of your longs before the market crashes later this Summer :-)

Palmoni said...

If we would base the stock market on the current economic information available, you could say the bears have pocket aces, and the bulls are bluffing with a 2 and 3.

And that's where they are wrong.

Prices were just too low-you can win a hand, but it doesn't matter. Your opponent just has too many chips.

You have to play with the hand you are given.

The one with the Government rules.

Even if Matlin Patterson calls a spade a spade.