Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hocus Pocus!

The bears stress test didn't pass the hocus pocus test! Hoc est corpus, of course, came from Latin, which was used during communion--the bread and wine became the body and the blood.

The only blood seen, now is the bears-and soon they'll be in breadlines!

That's some hocus-pocus they pulled!

But the bears can't perform live--they work only with textbooks. So the market ramps despite their pleas!

As Jim Cramer so eloquently said today regarding Mr. Roubini:

The issue, again, is the business. Is the business to be consistent, or to make money? Is the business staying in the game, which you can if you switched and were flexible, or be blown out of the game, which you can't if this is your business.

Of course, if I were a tenured professor, this isn't my business and I would not be concerned about staying negative.

So the professor stays bearish, while the market gives him a facial!

But there is deflation in one substance in New York.


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