Sunday, May 24, 2009

Peter Schiff talks but no one cares

This year, though, Schiff's TV bookings are down 75% to 85%, says his younger brother Andrew, who handles p.r. for him. About the only things written about him lately have been negative--the result of financial blogger Michael (Mish) Shedlock's pointing out that Schiff's investment recommendations were money losers in 2008. How could a bear have managed to lose money last year? Schiff was blindsided when global investors piled into dollars and U.S. government bonds during last fall's panic. But that rush to safety has already abated, and over longer periods, Schiff's decade-old strategy of steering clients out of U.S. securities and into commodities and overseas stocks has been a big winner. His investment record surely can't be the reason for his fall from media grace.

No, the main issue with Schiff seems to be that he hasn't changed his tune--and it isn't a pleasant tune to listen to. He thinks the "phony economy" of the U.S. is headed for even harder times. He believes that the crisis-fighting measures coming out of Washington are merely delaying the inevitable, debasing the dollar and loading future taxpayers with huge debts.,9171,1900233,00.html

The same fate will befall Meredith Whitney and Nourel Roubini, and the latest reincarnation of the bear seeking publicity, Whitney Tilson.

MaryAnne, The Professor and Gilligan!


Anonymous said...

Schiff and Roubini are right long term...3 years and beyond. You can only get a pop out road work and school renovation. After that money is spent there is nothing coming forth from it to grow. Where is the perpetual growth thing coming from the current Government spending?

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