Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's revisit some posts

It's time to revisit some posts, since it's now apparent that the market is heading up again, and that the bears folly of predicting the next leg down, is quite frankly just wrong:

For those who said at S&P 830, that this was the start of the market rollover, I give you what I said on April 22:

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The legs are following off the bear's stool

It's now patently obvious that Monday's downdraft was an orchestrated move by the bears to crack the market.

And it's now patently obvious, that we have already had the price and time correction in this bull market.

We corrected 5%; so that was the price correction.

And the time correction was one day.

The fundamentals of the economy are getting better, so we now have had the time correction, even though it was only one day, because the economy is healing that quickly.

And the correction that we had, that was manufactured by the bears, on the heels of the stress test pre-release by a white supremacist, means that the desperation of the quants that are short, and those not invested are at a fever pitch---just look at who they had to use!

So the legs of the stool that supported the bears are now broken. And now the bulls will extract every penny from the bears hides who remain short.

After all, it's a milking stool!

The leg of a financial collapse of the financials is gone--do suicides happen at financial tops?

The leg of bearishness from Goldman Sachs is now broken.

The leg of the next depression is now destroyed.

And that's what will happen to the bears, but in an inverse order.

This first leg up already has almost destroyed them, the second leg up will make them broken, and in third leg up they will finally be gone.

That's the stool of the bulls.

And the leg that the bears don't understand, is the leg of the stool that is going to get rammed into Mr. Benjamin N Dover's III posterior.

And that's the next leg up in this bull market!

It's the bulls stool check!

Delivered express, C.O.D!

As Advertised!!

And for those bears that attempted to squash the market, two days later on April 24, with the last minute selling right before the close where they knocked the Dow down 150 points, and the S&P 15 handles only to have the market rally back 100 points in their face one minute before the close, who felt so self assured that this cover of an angler fish on the Economist would soon be deemed a classic for the bears pocketbook; how are you feeling today?

An anglerfish! A little dinky fish! I guess it is a classic--you guys can't shove the markets around anymore!

As Advertised!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

No glimmer of hope for the bears

The bears keep trying to outdo one another with their cleverness.

Look at the latest issue of The Economist.

Paul Kedrosky highlights this on his blog saying, "Good cover on the current issue of The Economist."

The "light at the end of the tunnel"used to be an approaching train. Now we need to fear the anglerfish!

First we had Roubini's "yellow weeds" and now we have Kedrosky's "anglerfish" comments!

What the bears are missing though is balls, so they subconsciously latch onto this article!

This fearsome fish is all of two inches!

And it gets worse. When an angler fish mates, the male bites into her back, his body dies, and he shrinks down into just a couple of gonads, the size of a parasite!

The media used to be the parasites living off of the bears ideas.

Now we have another "fluff" piece, but this time the bears are the parasite as they've been neutered by the market.

But they are hiding in the media's shadow!

We have a couple of Type 6 stools!