Saturday, May 9, 2009

Barron's touts the tire companies

In today's Barrons:

Germany's Continental (CTTAY), a supplier of brake-control systems, other electronics and tires, is one supplier on which Patel is mostly bullish. He sees it, like rival tire makers Goodyear (GT) and Cooper Tire (CTB), benefiting from big drops in raw-materials prices, which account for about 40% of the cost of goods sold.

Goodyear is at 13.30, and Cooper Tire is at 11.59.

I touted both these names on April 8, one month ago at half the price:

For my truck, he had only one tire left that was of the lower generic brands. The next level up, a Cooper tire (CTB 5.78), he had supply, but very little, and Goodyear (GT 7.69) had just a little bit more. Michelin--you could buy whatever you wanted.

They also mentioned LEA:

Also in this beaten-down group: Lear (LEA), which produces seat systems and electronic components in 36 countries. Even after a very sharp rally last week on a Buy recommendation by an automated statistical-analysis trading system, it closed Friday at $2.50. Whether the bears or the automated stockpicker have a better fix on the company's prospects might become clearer Thursday, when the company is scheduled to hold a conference call with analysts.

Barron's also mentioned JCI.

You had that story here on March 27, when I said buy JCI on their restructuring news, and buy LEA at 1.1 and TEN at 2.29.

I was in these numbers, and just got out, taking the 300% plays.

But then again, I'm up 397% YTD.

And you have to pay for Barrons!