Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Private equity screams!

As advertised!!!!!!

Anyone see the action in Fortess FIG today?

It closed in afterhours at $7.75. I only gave you this number at $1.59 on March 16. Up 488%!

I gave you Blackstone BX the same day at $6.06. It's now $12.66 Up 208%

I gaveyou Kolberg Capital KCAP the same day at $1.90. It's now $3.44 Up 81%.

In six weeks! When Wall Street said PE was finished, I said buy!

As advertised!!!


Anonymous said...

i have been browsing blogs for the past few months. its become apparent today, more than ever that the bears missed out. they were wrong, and they have been punished. you were one of the few who believed in this rally.

keep up the good work. love your blog, and the pix.. cheers

all the bears were wrong, and

Palmoni said...


The bears were wrong!!

Anonymous said...

is FIG still a buy?