Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Man with the Golden Helmet

A lot of folks on Wall Street are still worried about the "stress test" of banks on Wall Street. They should go back to the original stress test!

At one time, The Man with the Golden Helmet, was one of Rembrandt's most famous works.

Until the art world determined that it wasn't Rembrandt! (I disagree).

The Rembrandt Research Project was the first "stress test." But some previous Rembrandts, which they determined not to be Rembrandts, became Rembrandts again after dendrochronological tests (tree ring dating) showed that the panels on the wood frames of some of the disavowed paintings were the same as other known Rembrandts.

From 1870 to 1935 there was a marked increase in Rembrandt's works. The art world, was the original Moody's. There was demand for Rembrandt's works, and they supplied it. Back then, the sub-prime and HELOC's were the Rembrandt self portraits--done by his students, and not the Master himself.

But the art stress test came about because art forgeries had panicked Museums because of the Van Meegeren fake Vemeer's scandal of 1945.

Han Van Meegeren, was charged with collaborating with the enemy after he sold a Vemeer, entitled The Woman Taken in Adultery to the Nazi Hermann Goering; a crime appropriately punishable by death.

But he made a good trade with the Nazi! He swapped a fake Vemeer, that he painted with his own hand, for 200 Dutch paintings that Goering had stolen in the war. Instead of being on trial for being in bed with the Nazi's, he claimed he should be a national hero!

So the charge was changed, and eventually, he was found guilty of forgery, and sentenced to a year in jail.

After the trial he told a reporter, "Two years, is the maximum punishment for such a thing. I know because I looked it up in our laws twelve years ago, before I started all this. But sir, I'm sure about one thing: if I die in jail they will just forget all about it. My paintings will become original Vermeers once more. I produced them not for money but for art's sake."

This weekend, one of the Old Masters of finance opined on Wells Fargo and USB. Warren Buffett had this to say:

I think I know their future, frankly, better than somebody that comes in to take a look,” Buffett said yesterday of the bank stocks that Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire owns. Regulators “may be using more of a checklist-type approach.”

It's the checklist stress test, with lipstick on it.

And just like Rembrandt's The Man with the Golden Helmet was the collateral damage of over zealous and panicked art historians, so was the downgrade of Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway by the rating agencies.

They wouldn't know a Master, even if they watched him paint the picture.

And the stress test?

It's just another show trial that's done to accommodate the banks and the public.

After all, didn't Jamie Dimon said, that TARP money, "is a scarlet letter?"

But they're done for money, and not art's sake!


Anonymous said...

This painting is very interesting. My aunt actually purchased this (real/fake?)painting at a yard sale years ago. I saw it once and haven't been to her house in years. But when I looked at it really looked old and had a ancient US custom stamp on the back. Now im interested to find out if it is real. I guess said it there museum copy might be a fake. The painting she has is a real painting either way, even if it is a fake, id say it is at least 100 years old.

Anonymous said...

I too would like to know if my man in the golden helmet is a fake or real. I have had this painting over twenty years it was given to me by someone who had bought it in a thrift shop for three dollars and had it for over thirty years before she parted with it and gave it to me so I know it is more than fifty years old so how can I find out the value or worth.

Anonymous said...

I ran across The Man With Golden Helmet is very interesting, was sitting at yard sale .I know my cousin did some work at this wood 's manson remoldling came up with this old oil painting ..Not sure how old ... real or fake no one sign it

Anonymous said...

I have a rembrandt picture of the man in the golden hat that i found at a flea market back in 1978 or so. i was like 8 or 9. Just wondering if it is worth anything? said...

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