Monday, June 1, 2009

Tech for China

Sandisk (SNDK 15.66) and Nvidia (NVDA 10.43) are the plays for gadgets and notebooks.


Anonymous said...

why these two?

did you buy today?

Palmoni said...

flash and graphic chips

Anonymous said...


In the S&P 500, what level do you think can be "to mutch for the bulls"?
And what´s you opinion on emerging market government debt?

Thanks and keep your wonderfull job!

Palmoni said...

The market will tell you when it's ready for a rest. After the breakout Friday at the close, and the move today, it tells you that it is going to be a lot higher.

It's not going to allow the bears that missed this move another chance to get in.

Believe me, their legs are shaking and wobbly as they look at the screens. They are petrified of losing everything they have, with the strength in front of them.

Consider that the S&P moved up 1% with the $70 billion of stock that the market threw at it--what happens when some of these companies just take a break from capital raising?

You get days like today, on mutual fund Monday!

Anonymous said...

what are your price target for these two?