Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 169

Since it's the 169th day of the year, I'll check out A. J. Jacobs 169th day.

"Day 169. I've taken astep backward again, spiritually speaking. My faith is fragile. Little things jolt me back to pure agnosticism...If my spirituality could be chartered like the NASDAQ, the general trend so far is a gradual rise, but there are many valleys, and I'm in a deep one now."

Time to turn the page--or how about the chapter!

And when I do that, I see on Day 198, that he attempted being a sheperd of sheep. He said, "I have minimum management skills, but even I could handle a couple hundred sheep...Everyone can be a Jack Welch in the pasture."

Did anyone notice Jack on CNBC this morning? Today he seemed out to pasture!

Maybe Suzy needs to make sure that Jack is doing his 10-10-10's!

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