Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some ZH commentary

Over on ZH

Tyler Durden
I have no animus toward Obama at all. I, however, loathe anyone who believes they can take advantage of the little guy with BS data and spin it on TV for hours just to get mom and pop to part with their $x cash and buy Citi stock. Also, if you have been reading this blog and others, I am sure you have noticed many other instances of data manipulation, and not by the CAR, that I have highlighted.

Marx Karl
Tyler,You're being disingenuous. You have loads of animus toward the Obama administration and you show it every single day. Sorry, but it's not convincing.

Tyler Durden
Actually i am not. I would as happily ridicule any republicans in a position of power... if only any were left. Alas aside from affairs with Argentitian hotties, republicans are strangely absent from the popular scene these days.

Argentitian? Doesn't that make Gov. Sanford's quote "the erotic beauty of you holding yourself (or two magnificent parts of yourself)" just jump out at you?

Maria Belen Chapur has now changed the meaning of Argentitian!

Univision will soon be calling!

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