Monday, June 1, 2009

The NAZ screams

Of course it does. It's on its way to an up 40% year--a figure these bears can't comprehend. After all, it is the bull market of the beast!

And that also means that oil should hopefully stall out in the 70's; otherwise we wouldn't get the PE expansion that we need. I've been looking for $75 oil, but I'll take $72, and then re-assess the oil market at that point.

Of course the materials are rocking, and that is going as advertised. In a bit more, I'll have my 700% that I advertised here, and here again just 30 days ago.

Who advertises a 700% move? I guess you advertise it, if it's going to happen.

So that's why I'm advertising the 40% move in the NASDAQ this year, because that's going to happen too. A closer look at that call is here.

Because if you can scrape 700% in 40 days, how tough is it to call 40% for a year?

And for those bears with the empty pockets, you should check out MT. It's up 10% today, a stock I advertised last Thursday when I sold my gold.

And I know you bears have a hard time reading between the lines, so I'll spell it out. E-M-P-T-Y. M T!

That's for all you bears that use the disdainful vernacular for our "Gummermint" programs, that you laugh at while your pockets become empty!

And I just hope that maybe, just maybe, we can get a mea culpa from Mr. Rosenberg, or Ms. Whitney, or Mr. Roubini, or Mr. Tilson, who are costing people money who listen to their well oiled talks and schemes.

After all, didn't we just have the confab at Bloomberg headquarters? Where we had this question:

Does the panel expect the rate of return on U.S. government bonds to outpace the weight of return on U.S. stocks over the next 5 to 10 years?

And no-one on that illustrious panel would take stocks?

The only question remains is this.

How much more do stocks have to go up, until these folks admit they are wrong?

I'll tell you what statement is definitely not true. That this is the biggest rally we have ever had in a bear market.

It's not true, because we are in a bull market.

The bear market was over at 667!

As advertised!!!


Anonymous said...

Let's see what happens if interest rates move up even half a percent.

Get real - this 'rally' is fuelled by cheap credit and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

so is anything else a good buy today...just finally decided to get rid of srs after huge losses. need something to help make back the loses quick!

Anonymous said...

is fitb still a buy it good to jump in today when it is down?