Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Presidential "gifts"

We know Obama gave the Queen an iPod, but what did the dignitairies give the Bush Administration? Now we know, as the State Department has just released the latest gifts to those in the previous Administration.

Dick Cheney, got a photo album to put his duck hunting pictures in, worth about $295, some cognac ($58), and a box of pomegranates that must of been picked up from Whole Foods because the estimated value was $210. Dick's wife, Lynne, wasn't left out, as she got some preserved fruits and jellies worth about $120, and a pair of $300 Dr. Scholl high heeled clogs.

However, we do see, who the favorites were in the Bush Administration, and it was none other, than the leather high stepping boots wearer, Condi Rice.

No Dr. Scholl's for her!

Apparently, there must be some political pool of some sort across the globe, regarding the bush Secretary, as the largess thrown her way was rather substantial.

Condi got a diamond ring, and a locket with Qadhafi's photo worth $212,500. Saudi Royal Highness, King Abdullah bin Abd al-Aziz Al Saud upped Qadhafi as he sprung for a gold, diamond and sapphire set worth $230,145.00, and he also threw in a robe to wear with the jewelry and just her boots.

Nothing like a challenge to crack for the world's dignitaries!

Sarah Palin needs to learn a lesson from Condi.

More spike in the heels!

(Peeler, this is for you!)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, she's smart, quite hot, and I'm sure Bush was distracted by her. With that said, nothing beats your golf cart picture from the other day, it's now my Blackberry screensaver... By the way, the guy on the cell was a dodo bear. What he saw was behavior incongruent to the golf course, and therefore was calling all his friends and telling them not to golf at that club any longer. He was selling his membership rather than enjoying the moment.


Palmoni said...


Don't golf here!