Monday, June 22, 2009

..and in Milwaukee where a man got a DWI on a golf cart

Richfield — After drinking at least 10 beers at a golf course on state Highway 167 and being left behind by the relatives who brought him there, a South Milwaukee man decided to drive himself the nearly 40 miles back to his home - in a golf cart.

He did not even take the time to throw the empty beer cans out of the cart before hitting the road in the commandeered cart, according to a Washington County Sheriff's Department incident report released Monday.

The man, 47, was arrested Saturday on suspicion of second-offense operating a vehicle while intoxicated after a sheriff's deputy stopped the golf cart the suspect was driving southbound on state Highway 175, the report says.

The man told Deputy Andrew Meier that he was driving back to South Milwaukee after a group of "uncles" abandoned him at Kettle Hills Golf Course on Highway 167...

The man told Meier that "he did not even realize he was driving the golf cart on the road until he saw the squad with lights behind him," the report says.

(At least he wasn't talking on the cell phone!)


Anonymous said...

Best picture EVER....bahahaha


Palmoni said...

How about the guy on the phone--What was he thinking???

Peter said...

I think this is not a good post. The pic must be replaced. but over all there is no meaning.