Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Make the call!

Here's a great story:

A rookie remembers Lombardi

Stan Hochman went to work as a sports writer for the Philadelphia Daily News on June 9, 1959 -- 50 years ago today. He's still at it.

The paper is celebrating, and Hochman sat down with columnist Rich Hofmann to share some stories.

One of Hochman's favorite memories is of a surprising interview with Vince Lombardi:

"We're getting ready for Eagles-Green Bay, the championship game, 1960, and I'm in the office and (sports editor Larry) Merchant says, 'See what you can get from Lombardi.' I said, 'Vince Lombardi?' He said, 'Yeah, who else?' I said, 'Vince Lombardi doesn't know who I am.' He said, 'You'll identify yourself as the Philadelphia Daily News, here's the name of the PR guy, tell him you need a few minutes with Vince.'

"I'm the good soldier. I called the PR guy and asked. He said, 'Let me check,' and then he comes back and says, 'Here's Vince.' He's on the phone with me. I'm stuttering and fumfering, but I get the basics. I ask him how a guy from New York could find happiness in Green Bay and he gives me good stuff, how the fans own the team, invested emotionally and with their pocketbooks.

"I say, 'Coach, there's been a lot written about this, but can you give me your philosophy of coaching?' Now, he's dealing with a guy, a rookie Philadelphia Daily News reporter, and he says, 'Discipline with love.' Three words, sums it up. I can't believe I'm getting this. He says he might really chew out a guy at practice, but afterward he makes sure to go by the guy's locker and rumple his hair. What little I had read about Lombardi, he was a fascist, a total tyrant. Now I get this.

"What are the odds you could get that today? The week of a Super Bowl game, one-on-one? That's the way we operated back then. Get on the phone and see if you can get Lombardi."

When are some of these bearish bloggers gonna make a call?

When are they going to admit they were wrong?

The hedge funds have already recognized that they were wrong, and they are now getting long. The average hedge fund was up 5.3% the last month.

So who are these bearish bloggers kidding?

Make the call!!

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