Monday, June 1, 2009

Bearish bloggers are at a feverish pitch!

Oh my! Have you ever seen a bunch of analysis on data that means nothing? The only data that matters is the P/L on your portfolio; and these bloggers will help your's sink!

But here's their missing link, and it's not a lemur. (btw--Whatever happened to that news?)

Wall Street, is the prime broker for the hedge funds that are blowing up, and that are short. Remember when Goldman used to put out the trades of the stocks that were over-owned by the hedge funds that were going to be puked up?

You think it's not any different now?

Except this time, it is those that are short!

And now they're getting the Goldman shaft!


Anonymous said...

i'm telling you i was always a bull until march when i found ZH and scared teh living day light out of me and i loaded up on faz and srs as i dumped my AMD, LVS, BAC...unbelievable so i'm down like 80% on the year...i wish i caught your blog earlier.

great job!

I picked up the nvda this morning at 10.85...

i'm looking into amd and liz...what do you think of those?

Palmoni said...

I think they both are OK--I like MGM also because I think it's going to move right now and the options on it are fairly cheap. The Sept 10 calls are 1.30 I think they could triple.

Anonymous said...

thanks....what do you think about FIG? huge run up and sold off hard.

Palmoni said...

I like it at these prices-I think there was pressure on it today because of the KKR news, and FIG breaking the offering price.

Anonymous said... you think it's a good buy at 1.5?

Palmoni said...

I didn't think the quarter was that bad, so I think it's worth a spec.