Monday, October 11, 2010

Obama streaker to get paid a million dollars by British billionaire

Here's the guy that streaked in front of Obama in Philly Sunday. He was looking to make a million dollars, on this bet:

A wacky British-born Internet entrepreneur who wants to be entertained, and perhaps even promote a website, is offering $1 million for someone to flash Barack Obama, on camera. How is this not a great deal?

British billionaire Alki David has one condition for his payout: the word "Battlecam" must be written across the naked thrill-seeker's chest, to promote David's video-sharing website of the same name. Although it's already being promoted now that everyone's just writing about this stunt proposal! Now we see why he's a billionaire, and the rest of us are just clickers.

You can bet this Administration will throw the book at him!