Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Las Vegas Sands breaks out again, to new highs

And once again, the shorts bitterly complain!!!

Oh My!!

I've been saying that this stock is going to triple digits (a hundred bagger from $1.77). And I can say that. After all, it was touted at 1.77.

And today, Singapore was huge for LVS. What a novel idea. In fact, the tax rate on Singapore was touted on this blog in April of 2009, back when LVS was a hatsize!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

The action is at the casinos!

Let's look at what has happened in Las Vegas the last few days.

First Colony Capital said it was interested in working with MGM on City Center.

We also saw that Sheldon Adleson of Las Vegas Sands indicated that he was going to finish the construction of the casinos in Macau, and would probably do a joint venture with investors to help accomplish that.

Sheldon also put his money where his mouth was, and bought a boatload of shares with his wife on the open market at around 3.

Shares Purchased
Execution Price Range
March 27, 2009
$2.91 to $3.15
March 30, 2009
$2.78 to $2.87
March 31, 2009
$2.80 to $3.06

He also added another slug today. The Sands Singapore Casino will have a tax rate 70% lower than Macau, and when this is up and running, it will add materially to Las Vegas Sands bottom line.
Well, you had 46 in tonight's after-hours action!!
And for the 47 million shares that are shorted on this name??

How's your position doing now?

And for every other moronic HFT trader that only is interested in scalping .50 cents on this name, because they're too afraid to hold the stock overnite?

Well, you get the same response that the shorts get!!

Booyah Baby!!!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Didn't buy AAPL at 12? Didn't buy LVS at 2?

Remember when AAPL was selling at $12 with $12 of cash, and they were embarking on their new music venture--the iPod--that was immediately panned by critics? Split adjusted, the stock is now 1155.

Did you catch that 100 bagger?

And now LVS, at 37, because it was 2, is expensive?

Why can't it be a 100 bagger also?

Because when it is a 100 bagger, it will then have a market cap only half of AAPL's.

LVS is an international company, but traders and stock investors are so concerned about making .50 on this stock, on every intraday zig and zag, that they miss the big picture.

But a lot of people missed the big picture in AAPL also!

LVS will make a billion dollars a year in their Singapore casino, and that's where people have to pay $100 to gamble for 24 hours. Or they can buy an annual pass to gamble for $2,000.

The payback on LVS' first casino in Macau was 9 months.

Sands ain't just Vegas, baby!

It's even in Bethlehem, PA!

LVS, continues to be one of the easiest stocks to trade from the long side on the big board, as estimates are continually being raised.

Eventually, people will look out at earnings for 2012 and then give it a multiple of 40-60X and then look at today's stock price and say it is scheap.

And they'll have help.

Because the moronic, idiotic, 44 million shares that are short this name--well Mr. Market is calling for his Marker

And when the bad bet blows up in their face, you'll see faster and quicker highs, as Mr. Market starts giving LVS the multiple it deserves.

After all, shouldn't Sheldon get paid for building a casino in Singapore during the heart of the financial crisis??

So get paid with him!

Just like those who bet with Jobs on AAPL got paid!!

And keep the shorts underwater!!!

Because they never get out of their spreadsheets to get a real view on what makes a good investment!!

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