Monday, October 11, 2010

Even Obama's mortgage is robo-signed with fraudulent signatures!!

Check this out--notice the signature on the release of the mortgage by Marshe Craine "Vice President." Notice the second signature--why is it so different??
And here is the notary, "guaranteeing" the signatures.
OK--Now Obama's mortgage was then AGAIN signed by Marsha Craine of Chase, also now" supposedly" a "Vice President" of MERS.

In fact, if she is deposed, she'll tell you that she is a Vice President of Chase, and that's what the Vice President under the MERS signature stands for--just like all the other robo-signers in their fraudulent documents.

Check out that signature.

So riddle me this.

If these banksta's, don't even have proper paperwork on the President's home, what chance is there that the paperwork is legitimate on your house, or your neighbor's house that is in foreclosure??

How about NONE!!!

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