Monday, June 8, 2009

Tout the stimulus!

President Obama today will promise to deliver more than 600,000 new jobs this summer with accelerated spending of some of the $787-billion economic stimulus that Congress approved at his urging earlier this year.

But the president, who plans to meet with economic advisers and his Cabinet at the White House today following his return from a five-day foreign trip, will promise hundreds of thousands of new jobs with an accelerated pace of spending on maintenance projects at military bases, about 1,600 road and airport projects, the hiring of some 135,000 teachers and other school staffers and 125,000 summer jobs for youth under the supervision of the Department of Labor.,0,3742574.story


Anonymous said...

do you know why just shot up like a rocketship?

Palmoni said...

Supposedly because Krugman predicted the end of the recession--or mutual fund Monday!