Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The new analyst call

Did you hear the new call? Sell your U.S. collector cars!

The reason?

We may normalize relations with Cuba, and then we'll have a greater selection of cars to choose from.

Isn't that equivalent to those who are warning us about the double dip?

Who would buy that? Only on Wall Street. Can you hear the feedback with the analyst on the above story? "How about muscle cars? Should we sell those too?"

On Wall Street, the bulls would offset the call with the "Macau" strategy. They would say the extra supply would bring new buyers into the market!

You think that's not reality? How about this?

Avocado prices are going up!

So short Chipolte!

Remember when that strategy worked? How much pain are those shorts in?

Yesterday morning, I mentioned a few retail stocks in a comment. If you were up before 6:00 am, you probably read it:

In retail M and CHS are both easy traders. JWN has pulled back from 25 to 20, the July 21 calls are 1.10, could go to 4.

M and JWN both ramped yesterday--- today CHS was removed from FBR's top pick list on valuation, but they kept an outperform rating on the stock.

Does anybody know what that means?

It's just shills in suits, pimping stocks up or down.

Don't take their calls so seriously!

So go and buy Sears!

They'll have to work on the cars when they come over here.

But shouldn't they just buy AutoZone?

Yes, but you need to buy the second derivative play!

And Eddie's in play again!

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