Wednesday, June 3, 2009

After the TARP-What's next?

The WSJ is out saying the bank telethon is over--$86 billion in a month, and the market takes the supply!

Yesterday, when Sheik Mansour Bin Zayed Al Nahyan dumped Barclays, tongues were wagging about the seven month, $2.5 billion profit, and the revisiting of the $66 million fee that Amanda Staveley pocketed.

The shiek should dump some money into BAC. Don't you think that some other folks want to make some billions also?

Because after the TARP, the next move will be the consolidation of the regional banks by the majors.

Those that have raised money, will soon be prey.

That acquisition writedown, and then subsequent write up, will be the next recapitalization play of the banks!

And now Wall Street is now looking to hire some blonde, athletic models, who have a way with Arab men and aristocrats.

It's their EEOC settlement!


Anonymous said...

so which regionals are good plays?

Anonymous said...

like to see what you think the employment data will do this friday? will it end the bull run?

Palmoni said...

We already know employment numbers are going to be bad. But what's worse than the unemployment numbers (speaking only on Wall Street) is the underinvestment by the pension funds.

So the numbers won't matter.

The numbers that are more important are next months. By then, the market will be high enough, that it could pullback--and then they will expect some better news.

We can't pullback here.

Because the underinvested folks are getting long.