Thursday, July 9, 2009

Goldman's latest message

Gary Gensler, the former co-head of finance at Goldman Sachs, and now head of the CFTC, has now, according to Goldman, become Wesley Mouch. Apparently, he has been opening up his mouth too much lately regarding commodity position limits, and the effect of speculators in the oil market; heretofore where Goldman Sachs dominated.

It appears that Goldman, has expressed their wishes to him in a card, since the Mouch moniker wasn't an effective deterrence.

Here's the rather cryptic message in the card, the face of it, being above.


Has anyone seen Atlas' head?


I hope that Goldman didn't mind that I took the liberty of posting the essence of the card.

(And everyone thought that Goldman just got ahead by frontrunning!)


Anonymous said...

That's disgusting. Is it real? If so thanks for making me lose my supper.

Anonymous said...

Its shameful that GS is in full control of the government, markets and who knows what else

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