Friday, July 24, 2009

Dennis Kneale: "No publicity is bad publicity!"

DK had a rather laudatory article written about him in the Observer, titled Kneale Down, Bloggers. Here's how it starts, and you know the story:

"Finding your rhythm as a rookie anchor in cable news, circa 2009, is in large part about learning to tap your inner outrage. On the night of Tuesday, June 30, Dennis Kneale found his. At the time, the 51-year-old business reporter was several weeks into a tryout, anchoring CNBC’s 8 p.m. hour. He stared at the camera in a TV studio in Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and lambasted the anonymous bloggers who were making fun of him on the Internet for, among other things, his recent and repeated claim that the recession was over. Mr. Kneale called the “digital dickweeds” cowardly and cynical.

“I say dickweed because apparently it is indeed a plant akin to pond scum,” said Mr. Kneale, “and name-calling seems to be the lingua franca of the blogosphere.”

Afterward, Mr. Kneale’s producer told him that his outburst was poetry, the best thing he’d done on the show. The next night, Mr. Kneale returned to the subject. He called the blogosphere the “bitterest realm on earth,” and noted that he didn’t spend much time reading “the vitriol spewing out of these miscreants and these digital imbeciles,” but that, apparently, they were watching him. “Nanny-nanny boo-boo,” said Mr. Kneale."


Gawker has a different version:
If half the rumors about Dennis Kneale are true, the CNBC host has good reason to fear bloggers and curse them on air. So why is he telling people privately that he manufactured his feud with bloggers for buzz? After Kneale's repeated on-air outbursts against bloggers, in which he has called them "dickweeds" (see June 30 video above) and "digital imbeciles," Kneale told our source who spoke privately with him that the crusade was dreamed up with his producer, former Fox News man Jerry Burke. The idea was to draw attention and drum up buzz.

Supposedly, his rant was manufactured, as in made up, as in pretended outrage. The day before his rant, someone from CNBC went through 28 pages of my blog. Maybe it was manufactured? who cares. What isn't on CNBC? I was then invited to be on CNBC's show, and gave a response, but it never amounted to anything.

Anyway I suppose the blogosphere will talk about it for a bit, since Harry Crumb is demolishing them since DK is bullish! It will be akin to blaming the market upswing on HFT!

But the story has brought up another side of Dennis, that is rather entertaining. The Viagra induced groper! He's caught in a rabbit hole, just like the bears!

This Page 6 article has now been resurrected:

WHICH business-magazine editor, who keeps a jar of blue jellybeans on his desk labeled Viagra, was called on the carpet for feeling up an underling's wife? The co-workers and their spouses were in a taxi heading to Brooklyn after an office party. The underling later went to the groper's home to get an apology. The groper's boss told him that if it ever happened again, he'd be fired.

Danger is his middle name!

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