Friday, July 24, 2009

Time to oggle Medicis?

Botox and breasts making a comeback?

We knew that there was a downturn in "vanity" but the upswing in the market may even make DABA girls fashionable again.

Allergan reports numbers at the end of the month. AGN snatched breast maker Inamed, from Medicis Pharmaceutical who tried to buy them a few years back.

With the price that Ethicon (JNJ) paid for Mentor, we know that breast augmentation and aesthetics is still a good business.

The trade down in aesthetics has been MRX, which has been accumulated the past three months. They don't do breasts, even though they tried buying them, but they do help the face look nice.

They report earnings on August 4th.

The stock, at under 16 is cheap, and has takeover potential.