Friday, July 17, 2009

Action everywhere

Yesterday, didn't these second two charts say higher?

And where did we go?

And that's the chart on the top of the page!

Which is why we had Buy em Monday--before the charts said it! Or Tuesday's morning Bullet points.

We had some goog timing.

So what story will the bears spin today?

China can't sell their debt!

That will be the next straw man!

Anyway, since we talked straw men, let's talk woman! Yesterday, on the way to Colombia, at the airport I ran into Ms. Miami, who also just happens to be a "good will ambassador" for Colombia. She was doing a modeling gig at one of the casino's down here. 5' 11" and gorgeous in the early morning.

Late last night, I just so happened to run into last year's Ms. Medellin (It's actually Medellin and the surrounding county-she won the "pageant" last year). Had some good timing yesterday also.

Ms. Miami and Ms Medellin? In the same day?

OK derivative traders, what are those odds?

It just so happened that Colombia had one of their annual beauty contests at the Hotel I was staying at, so I thought I would include some pictures of the talent for you guys to peruse. It was really cool event, but the pictures don't do it justice. (I haven't updated to the new iPhone with a decent camera.)

Now last week, didn't Playboy have a story on the expats hanging out in Buenos Aires? It's a worthwhile read. Here's just a sentence of it:

Nell, a 27-year-old New Yorker, said that in her nine months in B.A. four of the seven guys she went on dates with turned out to be bankers. Half the guests at the party seemed to be unemployed finance guys.

That's why they are in Buenos Aires.

They haven't picked over Colombia! But don't think they aren't looking!

And since this is such a Martha Stewart style post, I'll quote her:

"And that's a good thing!"


X said...

Nice. Steel names are solid. Nucor price increases, MT adjusted covenants, Euro autos increasing production, US housing starts improving, China auto sales will continue to hum ....

On the market do you think we test 950 and break to the upside?

Palmoni said...

It looks like a beast. And now it seems that anyone that is short, now has problems keeping their locate.

What you are saying, people are seeing!