Thursday, July 23, 2009

Weisenthal eats crow

I've outlined how Joe Weisenthal at Business Insider has been slamming the earnings reports. Today, with the DOW at 9,000, he comes up with a different tune:

Judged solely by market action, this has been a stellar earnings season so far.

What was that?

It's just another bearish Pied Piper!

To get hits, you need to get bullish!


Anonymous said...

do you think HBAN is doomed? i'm still holding but what a sucky day to have everything go up except the stock you hold.

Palmoni said...

I know--FITB catches a bid today, and HBAN still lags.

I'm just sitting with it.

Anonymous said...

funny how SNDK takes a dumping today. Still great call for those who bought and dumpped last night.

i'm holding think that's worth a dump before or after earnings?...after INTC (positive) AMD (negative) not sure what to see with NVDA

X said...

ZeroEdge and Weisencrap are reporters with little investing knowledge

Palmoni said...

Eli at SNDK just gives an ugly conference call. But the stock gave a good pop, but like all things in this market, you have to be fast!

Palmoni said...

NVDA starting to rock! I think they are fine, and you have time before they report.

Palmoni said...

X-Zero Hedge said today
that "The Black Swan reverse migration is the market melt up this time around"

On April 16, I said
"And that my friends, is the black swan event that the bears are missing!And of course the bears can't recognize it---because the bears are the market's next black swan!

Nice to ZH coming around to my viewpoint! Hah!!

Anonymous said...

i i said before i was a victim of ZH...although reports make's not reflective of market and it's just so negative.

do you know when is NVDA's earnings call?

what's your target for GRMN?