Monday, July 20, 2009

Goldman raises S&P 500 year-end target to 1060

That's just reality, bears.

It will go with my 10,300 DJIA year-end target.


Steve said...

Hey Palmoni,

At all times, you state Goldman is to be faded away; here you agree with them cause it agrees with your own view??
Anyway, can you post your year end Dow target in a new post marking it as a prediction you are making today. We can check at the end of the year :)

Palmoni said...

I know I have too strong of a bias against Goldman, and I don't mean to infer that you should always fade what they say.

I only try and mention the most egregious examples where it would be accurate to fade their calls.

At the end of May, with the NAZ up 13%, I said it would end up over40%.

My year end Dow target was 10,270, as outlined here, with the targets for each of the Dow 30.

Steve said...

Point taken. This should be a lot of fun :)) You have taken the 10270 shot on the DOW. None of the other blogs I read think this rally is going further without a substantial correction. So it should be interesting. I am going to watch from the sidelines; not convinced on the long side and the short side is too risky. Have lost quite a bit of sleep and a fifth of my investment over last year's debacle :)

One request! Can you post stock recommendations as posts instead of the comments sections. Would be highly appreciated. Thanks for your honest blog and responses to comments! You rock!